Fast, No Cost, Bay Area
COVID-19 testing

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No cost to you

We bill your health insurance—no charge if you’re uninsured

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Results in 24 hours

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Highly accurate qRT-PCR test

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Schedule online for drive-through or walk-up testing

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Enter on Aileen St and use the pedestrian entrance

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Testing is quick and painless

1. Schedule your test

  • Schedule your test. Enter contact, personal, and insurance information
  • Receive an appointment reminder via email and/or text
  • We cannot accept travelers or foreign insurance. For travel testing, please visit

2. Get tested

  • Schedule an appointment for fast, safe drive-through or walk-up testing
  • Drive-thru testing in Oakland requires an appointment. Walk-ins are welcome, but no parking is available at the location.
  • Walk-thru testing in San Francisco does not require an appointment. There is no drive-thru testing at this location.
  • Bring your driver's license,  state ID and/or insurance card. For minors, parents/guardians should provide an ID

3. Get your result

  • Results within 24 hours via secure web portal sent to your email and/or text

About #TestThePeople

#TestThePeople is a collaborative effort to make fast, accurate COVID testing accessible to all. We provide fast testing for individuals in the Bay Area. We also work with grassroots community health organizations to provide testing for at-risk communities.

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