Pride is a RIOT

Free COVID testing for
Queer / Trans / People of Color + Allies

Why Get Tested?

COVID-19 impacts Black, Brown, and Indigenous people the hardest, due in part to unequal access to testing and other healthcare. That’s why we’re bringing COVID-19 testing to the streets for PRIDE IS A RIOT. 

Knowledge is power! Knowing your status helps protect everyone around you, especially since you can be infected without showing symptoms.

Come get tested on Sunday, June 28th, and again a week later on July 5th. The data from follow-up testing can alert the QTPOC community to potential outbreaks from large public events like this.

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Community Report


With just one positive out of 593 tests performed, the low rate of positive results found bears out early research findings that antiracism protests have not been a significant source of COVID transmission.

The fact that more than half of those responding have been tested before also suggests that members of this community have been proactive in monitoring their COVID status. Interestingly, 44% of participants had never been tested before, suggesting that testing events like this are key to helping everyone participate in keeping each other safe.

Total Tests


Week 1

Week 2


Increased Access


Demographics: White 53%, LatinX 21%, Black 4%, Asian 13%, Middle Eastern/North African 2%, Indigenous American 3%, Prefer Not to Disclose 4%

Get your community tested!